Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Russia aggression put in perspective

I've seen a lot of online comments about Russia's behaviour in Ukraine. I am not trying to defend the government's action. I'm trying to provide some other perspectives.

Here's a recent short discussion with a stranger on a Bloomberg article on Facebook. The article was on how the Russian central banker convinced Putin to allow the market to set the price for the rubles:

Him: wonder if she can convince Putin to stop invade other countries

Me: US officials have been caught on tape saying they want to change the govt of ukraine. This probably took everyone by surprise, and that was probably the reason for russia's actions. I'm sure there're much more complications. But I just want to show that there're always another side to the story.

Him: Come on, Russia has been influencing Ukraine internal policies since Yanukovych took power. They are no saints on that either. They lose the political game, but that is not a reason for them to start a war.

Me: Nothing surprising about that. All big powers try to influence their neighbours. I am just showing you that there's more to the story than meets the eye, and from another perspective. We dont have complete info. So I am not siding with anyone but it seems that you already made up your mind against russia. Maybe they will start a war, and that will be bad. 

The russian govt are no saints. But what if they have tried to get rid of the govt of mexico. Will you support the US to start a war/invade mexico?

That was the end of the discussion. Short and sweet!

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