Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poor Ah ma

A few nights ago, I was rushing to the bus stop to catch a bus home. It was around 10.10pm, and I had just finished my last tuition lesson. Missing the bus would be bad, because I would have to wait for 20mins for the next bus. 

I saw the bus approaching, and I was still some distance away from the bus stop when an old lady stopped me. She had been eye-ing me for a few seconds. With a croaking voice, she asked for $1 so that she can buy a bread from a nearby vending machine. Hastily, I reached into my pocket, and could only produce 40 cents. I told her I have no more coins, and rushed off just in time to board the bus. 

I regretted my action. On my way home, this incident dominated my mind. I am angry and disappointed with 2 things. 

The first concerns myself. I am in too much of a hurry to live life, to earn money, to save time. I could have taken out my $10 bill for the lady. It doesn't matter if I missed the bus. I could have chatted with her for 20 mins. But maybe I have been so used to giving donations in coins, and giving in notes just didn't cross my mind at that point in time. 

Secondly, why is she in such a sorry plight? I'm sure there are thousands of people like her living in Singapore right now. People paint such a great picture of this prosperous country, but beneath the surface, a lot of people are struggling. This has got to do with the current monetary system that the world practices. It does nothing but punish the working class and the uninformed. Absolutely nothing but this!

I wish I can change the world. But I do not have the power to do so. All I can do is to help as many people as I can. And at least, try to reach out to people with Austrian Economics. I am interested in setting up a school to teach these kind of stuff. A school which teaches economic freedom, civil liberty, and the limited roles that governments around the world should play in our lives. 

And most certainly, my school will teach that the world will be a much better place without central banks. This central banking system aggregates too much power in the hands of too few people. It is open to abuse and it has been going on for more than a century. People are not outraged because the effects are not that obvious. But slowly and surely, they're creeping up on them. And even if people are outraged and revolt, they often miss the point. This problem will persist if they cannot see the root cause.

No Central banks means less government, less wars, less poverty, and more liberty for everyone.

As I update this blog, silver has hit $33-34. The dip to $27 has been fully bought into. I bought some during the dip but wish I have bought more. Gold is above $1,400. Oil is $108 a barrel. Food inflation is everywhere. The Middle East is in revolt. This is the effect of the unprecedented global money printing in the 2008 economic crisis. This is just the beginning. It is just going to get worse, especially in Western countries.

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