Friday, April 15, 2016

Day by day, reality becomes more apparent to the market.

Larry Fink: This is 'biggest crisis' in the world

Recently, more people are saying it's going to be a huge crisis. Where were they when we have been saying for yearsssss that the central banks are making big mistakes?
Larry Fink, like many others, thought that money policies are supposed to be temporary, and 7-8 years is not temporary. They thought that the drug can be removed without consequences.
Well, we also warned that easy money policies will not be temporary, because once central banks remove the drugs, there will be panic. And that is why central banks are afraid to stop the policies.
Crazy actions by the central banks. Policies destined to fail the minute they started them in 2008. Big windfalls and big losses in the financial markets to come.

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