Thursday, October 8, 2015

Portfolio Update #5

Mid-to-Long-term portfolio (In USD unless otherwise stated):
(changes to positions highlighted in bold since the last update)

-Long physical gold from $950
-Long physical silver from $14
-Long paper silver from $15
-Short US 30-year bond futures from $150 (COVERED)
-Long sugar from 16.50 cents (CLOSED)
-Long north korean gold coins 
-Long chinese yuan against sgd from SGD:RMB of 1:5
-Long RSX at $13.18
-Long GDX at $18.95
-Long SLV from $14.30
-Long RMB vs SGD at 5:1
-Long ruble vs USD at about 65:1 (or ruble vs SGD at about 45:1)
-Long GLD from $107.57
-Long SJB at $27.48
-Long North Korean silver coins at SG $60
-Long GDXJ at $19.88

Still Looking to:

-Long South Korean airlines (A play on North Korea opening up/collapsing)
-Long RJA (Agriculture has taken a beating in recent years, and given my long-term bullish view on agriculture, this could be a good chance to accumulate some. Well, let's wait till later in the year).

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